Disaster and Emergency Services Commission

The American Legion signed an agreement of cooperation with the American Red Cross to assist it during times of disaster. In 2005, The Legion signed an affiliation agreement with the federal Department of Homeland Security. In 2006, The Legion adopted two disaster preparedness and response oriented Resolutions requiring each level of the Legion, from Department to individual Legionnaires, to be prepared for and ready to respond to disasters, and to assist their local communities in disaster preparedness projects. The California Department acts as administrative and coordinating headquarters for 6 subordinate Areas, 30 Districts, over 450 local Posts, and all our individual Legionnaires. Planning, organizing, preparing and training for, then coordinating a disaster response for such a large organization is a massive task.
To organize the membership of the Department into a cohesive unit so that in time of disaster the membership of the Department may be available for duty and to cooperate with all law enforcement agencies in their plans concerning disaster relief.